The Waverley Research Selections

Value investing is a time honored strategy that has helped many investors achieve their goals. Investors can easily understand the concept of value investing, however, a substantial amount of research must be done to uncover a company’s hidden value. Stocks with low prices do not always represent a good value. For this reason, Waverley Research developed and tested an algorithm to identify value stocks using the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a base.

This algorithm examines a company's key statistics to identify problems or prospects that may not be recognized by the market or reflected in their price. By applying this algorithm to those stocks listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average our model generates a selection of up to four stocks, daily, that Waverley Research presents to investors for consideration.

The results of our selections have remained consistent and positive over time. The accuracy of the algorithm is confirmed by the exceptional growth in value of the stocks on the Waverley Research Selection portfolio as compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Examples of the Waverley Research Selections are:

Year Our Selections Our Returns DJIA Returns
Jan 1, 2005JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Jan 1, 2006Merck & Co., Inc.
AT&T, Inc.
Verizon Communications, Inc.
Jan 1, 2007AT&T, Inc.
Verizon Communications, Inc.
Jan 1, 2008No selections0.00%-25.99%
Jan 1, 2009General Electric Company
Pfizer, Inc.
Jan 1, 2010AT&T, Inc.10.70%13.60%
Jan 1, 2011AT&T, Inc.9.04%8.16%
Jan 1, 2012Kraft Food Groups, Inc.12.26%10.03%
Jan 1, 2013AT&T, Inc.17.49%29.04%
Jan 21, 2014 AT&T, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.
2.69% 9.77%