Why Waverley Research?

Established in 2004, Waverley Research is an independent financial research publisher. Our mission is to provide you, the individual investor, superior value-oriented investment ideas and to help you make better investment decisions and to succeed in meeting your investment objectives.

We have spent years honing an algorithm that identifies quality investment options. Our goal is to improve your upside potential and manage your downside risk in challenging markets. Waverley offers a proven method to give investors an opportunity to outperform the market over a long period of time.

Each morning, we apply our exclusive algorithm to those stocks listed on Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The algorithm generates our Selections, which we share with our members.

Bull and bear markets will come and go, but independent thinking based on a solid investment model will always stay in style.

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* Simulate trading. The Waverley Research performance reflects historical performance. The portfolio's performance has never been executed as real trades.

** Utilized the stop loss strategy outlined in the risk management section.